Snow Queen

Hello God!

Thank You for winter. It is the blessed season by the Snow Queen. I have met her in a winter forest where I was walking thinking about my way in life. The question was about my frozen, unfortunately and I do hope temporally, will, my weak will power. I had no found a strength to go to a swimming pool, I had missed my yoga class and I had not written a word here for whole week… Laziness-sorceress hugged me last days.

The answer was from the Snow Queen in a winter forest. She has appeared as in a dream. You know what surprised me? She is fantastically beautiful. I suppose Alexis Marcou have seen the same dream I saw and his artistic gift allowed him to visualise the Queen.

Snow Queen

I see her reflection in every snow flakes and the frozen lake mirrors her exceptional beauty. Winter forest is amazing…

She said me: “It does not matter what was in the past, what you are doing now matters. There is no place for guilt and regret, if you want to go ahead”. So today I am different. I have swum in a swimming pool today and I am happy to write these words now. I am free from the hugs of Laziness-sorceress. It is a paradox why her hugs were so warm, but bitterness was inside after.

The Snow Queen

She stood there dressed in cold white down
as soft winds swirled around her.
Her angelic face smiled
as she surveyed her wonderland.
Her time had come again
as it did once a year
to cleanse the world white,
making it seem bright
under the pale moon.

by David Harris

The Snow Queen makes the world brighter and cleaner. I know it for sure now, because I have this happy possibility to feel your eyes I endlessly love and I am inspired by. Thank you for your help to free me from sugar-poisonous hugs of Laziness-sorceress. I am free and immunised for the sorcery by the Snow Queen and you.

23 thoughts on “Snow Queen

    1. Yes, we are all connected in the universe of Inspiration. Your poems are beautiful. But I can not find your story about the Snow Queen. I am going to return in your world and continue my search, it is really really pleasure to float in your Inspiration you realise in your poetry. Thank you!

  1. What a beautiful fantasy portrait. And your words are so true, it’s easy to be lazy-mazed in winter, days slipping away as we hide inside. It’s good to rejuvenate with exercise. Very inspiring!! Thanks for visiting my site, and hugs from my heart, too, beautiful one. Brenda

  2. This is such a magical post! You inspire me. Sometimes it’s hard to center around being middle aged (or, in my case, a slice past M/A), but there are always soooo many awesome images across the Internet that can have stories wrapped around them. Maybe I should think about blog #2….

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