Lady Luck

Hello God!

Thank You for the possibility to unlock a mystery of future by prediction games. Game is a serious branch of human activity and a future telling game is the most interesting field there.

Let me be your gypsy. I am with playing cards “Italian Cats” from famous Austrian card firm “Piatnik“. The time for fortune telling is very appropriate. Russians believe that the divination is the most accurate and really true, if it is done from 6th to 19th January. This period is called ‘Sviatki’. 

Luck will be a lady tonight,

What we want is in the cards:


Oh, dear! The combination of Spades guarantees all sadness and groom in your life will be replaced with never ending happiness and cheer. Lady Luck’s smiles go to you!


The Hearts pair promises Love. If you are looking for a soul mate you will find him/her in the nearest time. You are on the happy way, the corner of the meeting is the next. The Hearts tell you are going to write sonnets to each other and dance until dawn. Lady Luck says you will not miss the starry eyes of your true Love, be sure.


The Diamonds couple says, and it is logic,  about diamonds. The King and the Queen remind you how you are blessed by Brilliance of life. You are brilliant in your kindness and sincerity, you are brilliant in your intelligence and imagination. Lady Luck is following you everywhere you go! I tell you the secret – she adores your brilliant glint.


The Clubs motivate you to grow personally and physically. Fitness club, dance club, reading club, philosophical club are in your resolution’s list. Why you are still here? You know the way how to clear your brilliance. Remember Lady Luck loves your sparkling way!

Thank you, Lady Luck! I strongly believe in the predictions and I love its. We are together and we are in the Lady Luck’s Club!

Thank you for joining the club and enjoying! See you tomorrow.

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