12 Friends

Hello God!

Thank You for the 2013. The year is significant for me because of my friends I have met here, on our WordPress planet. I have received the one star of the Award Blog of 2013 from Dr.Rex and the second star is from Wall Grimm. My grateful heart hugs you with all love I am granted by Universe. You know sometimes the words are weak to describe the feelings. It is the case. I am able to say just “Thank You!”

Blog of the Year Award 2 star jpegIn my life 2013 was rich and generous for beautiful experience and wonderful meetings. One of the brightest experience of the year I have felt in Luxembourg. It is was the magical time of Elephant Parade. Could you imagine a city where wonderful, beautiful, kind elephants are everywhere?!  Oh no, again a words can not express my admiration! Only my singing heart are vocalising the names of my friends of 2013 with whole coloration of the divine sounds. Please accept the Award:

Lindayour Star is young and bright, so be radiant and loved! All stars on the elephant are twinkling for you and dancing a waltz only with you!


Sindyyour being is inspiring my way, your words are reflecting your beauty and freedom. Butterflies adore you and the elephant gives its with Universe Soul… to you.


Shreeyour heart is singing in unison with mine! What’s the beautiful duet we create! The elephant likes your melody and shares deep wisdom with you and me.


Robinyour colorful life is the Masterpiece of God. Your dreams are on the way for coming true, the gold line is the way, the elephant knows. Just follow!


Claudiayour laughing enlightens Universe, your smiles warm my way. The elephant tells you a funny story only you can understand. Please share it with us.


Chris, the elephant is for you. I know you like its vintage style glasses and the happy motor rally New Year prepares for you. Keep tight the rudder of your car.


Brenda, your fairy tales are magical and true I believe in by my whole heart. The elephant brings to you The Ocean, your Golden Fish is waiting…


Mark, your app is wonderful. I am happy to write these words because of my child is painting your pictures by numbers on iPad. The elephant brings you a happy family of monkeys, perhaps we’ll see them in your app.


Veraiconica, I have just met you and I am happy to touch your beautiful world. The elephant is rainbow, let New Year to paint your way in the same manner!


Sonalyour kitchen is my dream I am trying to imply in my life. Your softness and warmness the elephant reflects. Thank you for your love you are so generously spreading.


Charronyour way is sparkling as your Soul. Creative New Your the elephant wishes to you. We all are happy to enjoy the rays of your happy and wise stories.


Meadow Walker, you know the mystic enigmas of a herbs and please add a little Good Luck for all of us in New Year. The elephant will help you. I see and love your smile.


Thank you, my friends, for your being in my life. I am here because of you. Merry Christmas!

49 thoughts on “12 Friends

  1. Wow, I’ve never had anyone dedicate a Luxembourg Elephant to me!! And I love the fish on it. LOL My golden fish awaits, ah the imagination swims! 🙂 You are a magical Sister of my heart! Happy, happy and more happy to you, my friend!! Brenda

  2. This is so amazingly gorgeous, Gloriana! This was the most awesome surprise for me, my ‘gift’ from you is leaving me speechless! Thank you and wishing you the very best for this Christmas and celebration of Christ. Also, for your holiday season and the very best in 2014! I am not sure I will get to the acceptance post…on my blog. I am on my way to my Mom’s for 2 days and hurrying back to my son’s with their children with my daughter’s included. This honor of the nomination for Blog of the Year is so appreciated!!

    1. Oh, dear and beautiful Robin! Please enjoy the Award without any conditions. Have a beautiful time with your family. Your family is really luck to have You as a member. Happy 2014 for all of you!
      Peace, love and light!

      1. I appreciate this so much! Hope that you have fantastic New Year’s Eve, a peaceful and special time on New Year’s Day and the rest of the year is filled with good health, joy and laughter! Thank you, Glorialana! Hugs, Robin

  3. You left me speechless with the biggest smile ever :). Lots of love and hugs for every kind word. I truly greatly appreciate it!
    Congratulations in being “the blog of the year 2013”. You totally deserve it Glorialana.
    Have a wonderful and warm Christmas full of love and fun.

      1. Dear Sindy! Happy 2014! I know Father Frost and Snegurochka have presented to you a basket of Love, Peace and Harmony for every day of 2014. Please enjoy! I will send you my address by email.

    1. Dear Claudia, your words are always encouraging and I love every letter of its. Thank you for your Light you are spreading by your love to life. Happy 2014! Brilliant snowflakes of happiness are dancing on your way.

  4. Dearest big sister ( only pretend as I am older in years 🙂
    How did you find all these spectacular elephants to correspond with the 12 friends? I am so in awe of this post!!! It is sentimental and beautiful and elegant and sweet. Just like you! I am thrilled to be included among the 12 and love the elephan you assigned to me, Thank you!!

    much love to you,

    1. My beautiful little Linda, you know the years does not matter at all, because we are born with a different experience in our past lives. You are younger by your soul and eyes, I suppose. Thank you for your words, I am feeling your tenderness and sincerity I love as big sister. I wish you Incredible Happy 2014! Good night, my little Linda, I tell you a fairy tale.

      1. Well I have never been told that before, but perhaps that is how you see me 🙂

        Wishing you a a banner 2014 where your dreams are made manifest all in Divine order. I am excited to hear the fairy tale 🙂


  5. Aww Gloria! Thank you for that awesomely wonderful elephant and the kind words 🙂

    Congratulations on the award too!!

    Hope you had a great Christmas and New year!

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