Hello God!

Thank You for the state of serenity when the beauty of every moment is open.

Thank you God for a lovely day
For children’s laughter while they play
And the simple things of this day.


Thank you God for the things unseen
That show us what this life can mean,
For the voices heard and the guiding hands,
For the comfort brought from far off lands.


Thank you God for the sight to see
The beauties here surrounding me,
For a glimpse into the world unseen
And a thought as to what this world might have been.

by Elizabeth Anderson


I have taken the photos somewhere in the North of France in the state of absolute serenity. I am happy to share its with you because we all are connected. My serenity hugs your mind and our strings vibrate in harmonic resonance. We are here for a short time and this moment deserves to be happy and mindful.  Thank you for your state of feeling the moment.

44 thoughts on “Serenity

  1. What a beautiful heart you have to share such wonderful pictures and kind words to people you don’t know. How lucky those who are near you are to have you in their lives. Peace to you, Koko ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃

    1. Cyntia, I am really happy to meet you! You are so talented person. And I begin to simply nurture myself. Thank you for finding me and this possibility to meet you! Happy and inspirational today to you :-).

  2. Beautiful pictures and super thoughts! Glad to hear from you again, Gloria! Hope you have big plans for Thanksgiving day! My wife and I are hosting the day this year…12-15 people due to show up.

    For me, I love all the food and football…(That’s two blessings), and there are so many more things of life to be thankful for!

    Talk to you later…

      1. Well, my wife knows that I have my faults! We are really opposites in several ways, but believe in enough of the important things to stay together.

        She is a good-hearted person in many ways. I love that trait in any and every person.

        You take care and enjoy your holiday!

        Clayton 😉

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