Mrs. Novembra

Hello God!

Thank You for November. I celebrate today, November’s first day! As for me it is strange that usually the month is connected with melancholy and depression. Today I have met a wonderful personage to broke the stereotype. Meet, Mrs. Novembra (in original “Mrs. Giffilan” by James Reeves).

When Mrs. Novembra
Is troubled with troubles,
She flies to the kitchen
And sits blowing bubbles.


When Mrs. Novembra
Is worried by money,
When her feet are like lead
And her head’s feeling funny,
When there’s too much to do,
And the chimney is smoking,
And everything’s awkward
And wrong and provoking,
When the washing won’t dry
For the rain’s never ending,
When cupboards need cleaning
And stockings want mending,
When the neighbours complain
Of the noise of the cat,
And she ought to be looking
For this and for that,
And never a line comes
From her married daughter –
Then off to the kitchen
With soap and warm water
Goes Mrs. Novembra
And all of her troubles;
And she puffs them away
In a great cloud of bubbles.

In joyful abandon
She puffs them and blows them,
And all round about her
In rapture she throws them;
When round, clear and shiny
They hang in the air,
Away like a shadow
Cotes worry and care.

You see this story in the animation with music by great Bach. It definitely worths of 3 minutes of your life because the recipe of happiness in November is here. Thank you for your being in my life. Happy November!

12 thoughts on “Mrs. Novembra

  1. Loved the poem Gloria and the animation was funny…naughty cat!!
    It’s so true…can you imagine if we looked at our troubles that way..just soap bubbles…:)

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