The 5 Cs

Hello God!

Thank You for today. Today is a very nice day. I am reading a very good article by philosopher Brian Johnston I am happy to share some thoughts from it. The idea is a beautiful union of this 5 Cs helps us to archive satisfying and sustainable results in any endeavour. The girls are from “In the sunny south” by Vittorio Matteo Corcos.

1. A clear Conception of what we want, a vivid vision, a goal strongly imagined.

2. A strong Confidence that we can attain our goal.

3. A focused Concentration on what it takes to reach that goal.

4. A stubborn Consistency in pursuing our vision.

5. A Capacity to Enjoy the process along the way.


“Together these make up a universal tool kit for remarkable accomplishment. They constitute the most extraordinary leveraging device for our energies in any situation or challenge. They are remarkably reliable tools for helping us make the most of our lives and energies every day,” concludes the philosopher.

This union is powerful. Perhaps we should hire it. I will, so, I am hiring them now. The girls first working day is from this moment. They are working for us, so we can do “it”!

17 thoughts on “The 5 Cs

  1. Thank you for sharing! I agree with the 5 C’s.
    Sometimes…there will be time to employ patience as well..the danger is when we keep pushing too hard, too fast and not have patience to allow what we want to grow.
    However, having said that, the 5 C’s a definitely needed by everyone ..they’ll be busy 😉

    1. Dear Shree, thank you for lightening my way! I am trying to become friends with Patience, it is really hard, you are right. Have a beautiful weekend, my beautiful friend!

      1. hahahaha… well, whenever I have a change I need to make in my daily behavior, I leave notes reminding me of it — in the car, on the refrigerator, on my mirror — until it becomes ingrained. I’m not saying that I always put it into practice, but I always remember !!!!! 😀

      1. It’s an ancient mythology. The Greeks described three muses. The metaphor is also related I think to the three seasons and the three ages of woman and mother earth. See Botticelli’s painting.

      2. Oh, thank you for clarifying such a beautiful spot in my brain, I did not know about Botticelli’s painting and three muses. Do you mean The three Graces on the “Primavera” painting?

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