Raspberry Vaudeville

Hello God!

Thank You for this pleasure to live. Today is Friday and we all deserve a good portion of pleasure. I invite you to my club where Raspberry Vaudeville is on the stage.


Raspberry is a pretty girl

Who loves young boy Pistachio.

But old Baron de Chocolade

Has different view on her destiny.


Baron de Chocolade wants

Ha-ha, to marry!

Rapsberry is his fiancé –

He is sure Pistachio will cry.


Baron will cry because

Pistachio was first who came to

Father of his beloved and said (in recitative)

Pistachio: I want to ask for the hand of your daughter in marriage.
Raspberry’s father: You’re an idiot!
Pistachio: I know it. But I didn’t suppose you’d object to another one in the family.


The braveness of young heart

Proves his endless love to Raspberry…

The end. The happy end.

Thank you for sharing with me today’s pleasure to live, create and smile. Your company is wonderful, the cake is fantastic and Raspberry Vaudeville on the stage inspires to be brave and young. Have a happy weekend!

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