Glory to Life

Hello God!

Thank You for the silence I am wrapped around by sweet sleeping of my daughter. I am feeling her breathing and listening the Glory Mass to Life playing by the orchestra and choir of my imagination.


The Ocean is beginning of life.

Breathing of waves is a rhythm of the Mass.

Whales are bass in our choir

All fishes sing in deep unison.


The Earth is our Mother.

She plays the piano solo.

Mountains and volcanos are

The piano keys. Her melody is Beauty.


The Sun is Star

Its light is bright.

Sun rays are strings of Harp

The Universe loves.


The Moon is singing Lullaby.

Her illuminating song feeds Dream

We have to turn into reality

Realizing the Potential.


Flowers are Violins bows

Playing on the strings of rain.

Laughing and joking notes build

The tune which is your Smile.


Photo and caption by Angela Elder



There is Music in the Air.

French Horns, Trombones

Tuba and Trumpets are singing

Because of Air in your lungs.



Hummingbirds and butterflies are

First Violins and Soprano

Glorifying in the Mass

Perfection of Life!


As rainbow’s spectrum together is white light, we are in the white Harmony of silence which is the truth and music of Glory Mass to Life.

Tuk tuk tuk  – our hearts are beating in white shimmering light by rhythm of breathing Life. Thank you for listening your heart. Your heart is mine too.

23 thoughts on “Glory to Life

  1. Such lovely photographs! I finally accepted your award nomination! Thank you for nominating me and hope you will read and check out the other ones I nominated. I hope I did okay in my presentation. It was quite overwhelming!

    1. Oh, dear Linda! Thank you very much for sharing my post in your blog. It is really inspiring and I am creating again :-). You are wonderful, my dear sister. Your support is precious for me. Love and hug with all light I can produce. Happy and beautiful weekend!

  2. Beautiful. It was like watching the goddess sing the world into being first hand. You are a truly wonderful writer.

    Thank you for the follow, though I am very new, and feel quite humbled now by your exceptional talent. I hope that I can learn from you and improve my skill, but learn or not, I will be reading your work for the sheer joy of it.

  3. Hello,
    You are using my photograph on your blog. I don’t mind, since you are using it with such uplifting words, however please at least give me credit for the picture, My photo is the white Hibiscus. You probably found it on either Flicker, Instagram, or Eyem. My name is Angela Elder.
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Dear Angela! I am happy to meet you and say you that your photos are great if this word can describe my fascination. Thank You for sharing your gift.
      Sorry, for using your photo without your permission due to it was published in the National Geographic – I provided the link under the word “Sol”. I have edited the post with your name.
      Thank you again and Merry Christmas!

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