Kaleidoscope World

Hello God!

Thank You for amazing today. I am playing with my daughter and kaleidoscope is our toy now. What’s a beautiful world inside! We are laughing together and my heart is full by a poem.

Kaleidoscope World

I am a simple girl,

I live in a Kaleidoscope World,

One by one the seasons turn,

Rain falls, Fire burns,

I try to hold on but things change,

Shapes and colors rearrange,

If we stayed still we’d never grow,

Like a tulip trapped in the snow,

The wheel of life is sometimes kind,

We never forget what we leave behind,

Dreams are timeless works of art,

All dreaming is painted by the heart,

My Kaleidoscope World spins around,

It whispers in color but makes no sound.

by Colleen Anne Carroll

I love today because I have this possibility to share this Masterpiece of Human Imagination and Creativity with you. The video is gorgeous.

I am impressed and inspired by this turn of kaleidoscope of my life. The colors are brilliant and I enjoy this treasure of Beauty I have found with you. Thank you for your help!

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