Jeanne est Jeune

Hello God!

Thank You for a beautiful meetings with a beautiful people on my Way. Today is a wonderful day because I have met and inspired by a French Woman. “Like a rose, a woman is a woman is a woman. And the French woman enjoys being just that,” said Veronique Vienne.

All my mornings are magic. As usual after my morning piano class and before my first cup of coffee I read something like “365 interesting facts”. I was stumbled by the fact of today: Jeanne Calment acted in a film at the age of 114 and gave up smoking at the age of 117!!!

“Jeanne est jeune” in French I named this post means “Jeanne is young”. I think Jeanne Calment as a truly French woman would love the compliment I said. By the way at age 121, she released her two CDs, one in French and another in English titled, Maitresse du Temps (Time’s Mistress).

What’s a pleasure to immerse in French charm, elegance, vividness, and  share with you my mood by accompaniment of  beautiful photos by John French!

What did Ms. Calment do, that you and I can duplicate for health and longevity? “She never did anything special to stay in good health,” said French researcher Jean-Marie Robine. Calment herself credited an occasional glass of Port vine, diet rich in olive oil and chocolate.

She also recommended laughter as a recipe for longevity and jokes that “God must have forgotten me.” ( L’Oubliee de Dieu?). “I’ve only got one wrinkle and I’m sitting on it”. (Je n’ai jamai eu qu’une seule ride et je suis assise dessus.)

For skin care, she recommends olive oil and a dab of make-up.  “All my life I’ve put olive oil on my skin and then just a puff of powder.  I could never wear mascara, I cried too often when I laughed.”

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Internationally, researchers are fascinated with Calment for both her longevity and her vitality.  They attribute her longevity to her immunity to stress.   She once said “ If  you can’t do anything about it, don’t worry about it.”.

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She took up fencing lessons at 85 and rode bicycle until 100.

She quit smoking only at 119, but her doctor said her abstinence was due to pride rather than health — she was too blind to light up herself, and hated asking someone to do it for her.

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The next story I am amazed by is fascinating and charming, only French woman is able to do it. “In life, people sometimes make rotten deals,” said Jeanne about this deal.

Mrs. Calment left no heirs. She also outlived Andre-Francois Raffray, a lawyer who 32 years ago, when she was merely 90, bought the apartment she used to live in on a contingency contract. He would pay her 2,500 francs (now about $400) a month until she died, and then the apartment would become his.

Mr. Raffray died a year ago at 77, after paying Mrs. Calment more than $180,000, better than double the apartment’s market value. His family was still paying when she died.

Quote on her 120th birthday: I took pleasure when I could. I acted clearly and morally and without regret. I’m very lucky. I am happy to share with you this light touching of Jeanne’s life. Thank You for your smile.

EPSON scanner image

Photographer John French

15 thoughts on “Jeanne est Jeune

  1. what a great post!
    I went to read more about her….
    wouldn’t it have been so much fun to know her?
    can you image the history , changes she saw…
    Thank you for sharing I really enjoyed it
    Take Care,…

    1. Not only fun but her wisdom “if you can not change the thing just accept it”. I try to follow but it is not so easy as it sounds. Thank you for your comment.

    1. You are really lucky to have a possibility to ask your husband’s grandfather how to live long until 100! I have never meet a person who is older than 86 y.o. It is my grandmother.
      Peace and love to you and your lovely family today and always,

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