River of Joy

Hello God!

Thank You for the river of joy which our life is. Every moment of my life I swim and am immersed in the flow of this river.

I would like to share with you a magic waves of joy and invite you for a walking along a beautiful mountain river somewhere in Italy. We are going to listen the sounds of nature and I tell you about my favorite movie of month.

It is “Samsara” movie. The movie is undoubtedly a masterpiece by Pan Nalin. There would be hardly 100 dialogues in this film spread over 2 hour 20 minutes but every word from the movie is great wisdom.

Everything you contact is a place to practice the Way


“I want you to tell me what will happen to that stick? -It will drown! -Suppose it doesn’t. -It will get stuck in the rocks! -Suppose it doesn’t get stuck. – It will stay in the water and rot! -No. It will get stuck in the whirlpool … or it can go down with a waterfall and crash!  -Suppose even that doesn’t happen. What then? Do you give up?

The answer is simple. The stick will reach the sea!


The water in the river is crystal clear.


… you will be able to tell me what’s more important: Satisfying one thousand desires or conquering just one?


Thank you for sharing with me this moment of happiness. I do hope I inspire you to watch the movie. It worth to spend 2 hours of life.

How can one prevent a drop of water from ever drying up? By throwing it into the sea…


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