Love Sonata

Hello God!

Thank You for my romantic heart. It is inspired by the paintings of Dorina Costras to tell you a love story today.

End of the day
No other way

Mister Sun goes to hide
Lady Moon shines bright

After sun burns
Moonlight turns

Never ending ritual
Life’s marital or burial


Moon wants to meet his love
Which is the ever sun above

Lady Moon drops his endless tears
As millions of glittering stars


End of the night
Dawn’s beautiful sight

Moon must fade
Sun gets awake


Sun seems to sparkle with love
Like a huge golden dove

Moon’s ever dark sadness
Sun’s eternal light gladness

Never ending story
Of an impossible love

by Morhardt Carmen Mencita Monoi Angel

Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven tells us why it rains when the Moon cries… Thank you for sharing this poetically beautiful moment.