Glorialana is 5 y.o.!

Hell0 God!

Thank You for Glorialana. She is 5 y.o. today and I invite you to sing “Happy Birthday to you, Glorialana!” So let’s celebrate! The party is in my heart! The doors open and all my friends are here! All my friends!!!

Celeste Rapone in her paintings is expressing exactly my feelings now. All rooms in my heart look like you see below.


You are always here.

This place is in my heart.

I have never seen you

I simply feel your eyes.

Love my friends

You are always here

When I am lazy or lost

I am really sorry for silence

And thank you for your words.

Birthday Party

You are always here

With the pulse of my heart

Your smiles and comments

Make the beating fast.

My dearest friends, Linda, Sue, Claudia, Robin, Brenda, Veraiconica, Sindy, all my friends, thank you very much for your eyes and smiles, friendship and support. In my every post “Hello, God!” I am greeting you. I have find a very heart touching animation about how we are important for each other.



After watching, we’ll drink a glass of champagne Clorialana is 5 y.o. Cheers!

18 thoughts on “Glorialana is 5 y.o.!

  1. Wow.. Congratulations to Clorialana, on her Fifth Birthday.. πŸ™‚ sending you love, And yes Time flies so fast.. Loved the little cartoon video πŸ™‚
    I can just imagine the excitement within your house as the balloons fly and your rooms are filled with children’s laughter..
    Love to you Glorialana, and ENJOY each and every precious year.. πŸ™‚ they grow up all too quickly

    Love ❀ Sue xxxx Big Hugs to you xxx

  2. Congratulations on 5 years of blogging! How appropriate to have a party filled with balloons and champagne for the adults! We love you Glorialana and welcome you home from your time abroad with hugs and cheer. Let’s toast to the continued magic of your blog and to our precious connection.

    love ya, Linda

    PS I found the video sweet and emotionally moving. I see it as a homage to cycle of life.

  3. Oh my sweet friend! Congratulations to you! I have so missed your light, your delight, your honesty and your dreams! I look for your posts all the time. I only hope you bring your love back more often! Love you!

  4. Glorialana, I loved the cartoon, and I thought the balloons symbolized the way love comes and goes in our lives. Sometimes things happen to make them all pop all at once, but they always grow again. I’m so happy you’ve reached five years, and that you list me as a good friend. I loved your circus-y kid-lovely art, and your poem, and your video. I hope many good things come your way, and you have endless cause to radiate joy, as you do here. You’ve made me very happy with this delightful post. XOXO Brenda

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