A++ Excellent!

Hello God!

Thank you for Knowledge Day I celebrate every year.

The 1st of September is the Day when a new school year begins in Russia and former USSR countries. A teacher is unmistakably recognised by a lot of bouquets at the Day. I used to be a teacher of the piano and every first day of fall had meant a happy meetings with my new and continued students.

KnowledgeDayToday the Day means a new program of self education for me. By the very happy circumstances a new educational year begins from the Awards. My dear friend Brenda from friendlyfairytales.com has nominated me for the Excellence Award! The rules of nomination said to share something personal: I love the excellence awards! The previous award was the granted scholarship for postgraduate course in Political Science at the University of Manchester! Yes, I have the postgraduate diploma in Political Science. My dissertation was about “The Clash of Civilization” by S. Huntington.


This year curriculum includes course in French and compulsory the piano lessons to restore my pianistic technique   to play Chopin’s Etude №12 “Revolutionary”. I will play this masterpiece for you!

The next nomination from my wonderful Brenda is Miracle Blogger Award. “You are Miracle” said Brenda to me. Thank you, my dear friend.


As all Soviet children I went to school at the 1st of September in my first grade class. At the 2nd of September my father died. I was 6 y.o. You know I remember that day was not a tragic or painful. My child’s heart was just angry and misunderstanding: it was my second day in school, my younger sister was 18 month old, and our father died. What’s a ridiculous idea! But life is life, and life goes on. I understood and accepted it later. Perhaps my father’s death was the greatest Miracle and gift for me and my sister. Thank you, father.

The next nomination is from Belsbror. By accepting the Most Creative Blogger Award I need to provide my perspective on my creativity and my source of inspiration.


The source of my Inspiration is in every moment I am breathing. Inspiration means breathing. My creativity deals with my daughter’s games and joys, my husband’s intelligence and sense of humor. We are blessed by Happiness and my great pleasure is in sharing it with You!!!

My nominees for the Trio of Awards:










Thank You for you. You are A++!

29 thoughts on “A++ Excellent!

  1. Love your story. I am sad for your father. I studied piano too when I was a little girl,but never pursued it. I would love to hear you play!

      1. I love to have you in my life too. No sweetie I don’t have the piano but I would love to hear you play. I want to ask you if you have a Facebook Page I would love to have you among my friends. I only have significant friends on my Facebook Page. Not a million friends like some people, I don’t believe in that. If you are interested my Facebook Page is under Francesca G. Di Modica. Thank you for reading my blog.

      2. I am happy to become your friend Francesca. At this moment my account is empty and you are going to be my first friend :-). I will add you with pleasure.
        Have a good and easy week!

      3. I am honored to be your first friend on Facebook. When you visit my page you will see that I do not have many friends. I only include friends that are of significance to me, not like peole that say they have 500 friends. For me that is impossible why include all those people when more than half we do not even communicate or let alone know. But to have you, it’s as if I already know you even if we have never met. I want to include you amongst my significant friends. Thank you for your wishes for the comin g week and I wish you the same. God Bless! I can’t wait to have you on Facebook.

      1. Glorialana,
        May I ask for a favor? I read that you are residing in Russian federation. I am holding an international food festival on my blog, starting next week. Can you guide me to one simple vegetarian dish from your part with a little intro to he culture. You can either do a guest post for me or send me the material and I will try it and post under your credit :).
        It would be a huge help.

      2. Sonal, thank you very much for your invitation to the festival. Yes I have a vegetarian dish from Belarus. I am from Belarus. I’ll send you a material. Could a photos be from Internet? I have not a possibility to cook my dish by myself due to we are going to France tomorrow.
        See you!

  2. That’s a shattering thing to lose your father at such a young age. I’m so sorry. You have obviously become someone he would have been quite proud of, though.. and I certainly appreciate your kind words !!! 🙂

  3. Hi Glorialana! Congratulations on all your very well-deserved awards and thanks a ton for thinking me worthy of nomination. Your motivation means a lot to me. You come across as a very positive person. I am sure your father up there must be a proud one smiling at all your achievements. Love!

  4. Congratulations! Your blogs are always refreshing, even when tinged with sadness now and then. You deserve your awards and nominations. Keep it coming! Oh..and thank you for the nomination! I love writing and encouraging others — sooner or later we all walk down the same path.

    1. I think I am a very lucky person to have a possibility to walk down the same path with you, your sparkling humor, your sharp and wise thoughts in your brain and your beautiful soul.
      Thank you and accept the awards when you wish. The trio is yours.

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