Life’s Ladder

Hello God!

Thank You for Friday. I am happy today and I am in hurry to share my mood with you by the wonderful painting and inspiring poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

Unto each mortal who comes to earth
A ladder is given by God at birth,
And up this ladder the soul must go,
Step by step, from the valley below;
Step by step to the center of space
On this ladder of lives to the starting place.

In time departed, which yet endures,
I shaped my ladder and you shaped yours,
Whatever they are, they are what we made,
A ladder of light or a ladder of shade;
A ladder of love or a hateful thing,
A ladder of strength or a wavering string,
A ladder of gold or a ladder of straw–
Each is the ladder of righteous law.


Curiosity by Eugene von Blaas

In useless effort, then, waste no time;
Rebuild your ladder, and climb and climb.

And climb and climb…

Thank you for your uplifting and cheerful mood. It is right vibration for a happy weekend. Enjoy every stair on your life’s ladder! I do enjoy :-).

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