Perfect Life

Hello God!

Thank You for Perfect Life we are living now. Thank You for Your Generous Gifts You presents for each of us. The most precious Gift is Freedom of Choice. We all are free to choose everything we want.

Miracle is in every choice is always Perfect. Every choice leads to Perfect Life. There is no place for “mistakes”. Every choice reflects our current level of development and helps to understand Perfect Order we live in. Actually we can not understand Perfect Order in full definition of the word “understand” due to our limited perception of our Universe. At least we can accept everybody lives with purpose and by purpose.

Dennis Merritt Jones writes: “It’s noteworthy that the words “destiny” and “destination” are derived from the same root word, destine, which comes from the Latin word dēstināre, meaning “to establish or determine.” In short, to some measure, what you place on your calendar determines your future — you are establishing the rhythm and route your life will follow for the year ahead, so doing it mindfully is a mark of true wisdom.” I am endlessly grateful for my way, for my destination.

I am proud to live because I can share my Inspiration with You. It is unimaginable to wish a different way or destiny if I have this possibility to write this words and to read this words.


Music, I yield to thee;
As swimmer to the sea
I give my Spirit to the flood of song:
Bear me upon thy breast
In rapture and at rest,
Bathe me in pure delight and make me strong;
From strife and struggle bring release,
And draw the waves of passion into tides of peace.

Remember’d songs, most dear,
In living songs I hear,
While blending voices gently swing and sway
In melodies of love,
Whose mighty currents move,
With singing near and singing far away;
Sweet in the glow of morning light,
And sweeter still across the starlit gulf of night.

Music, in thee we float,
And lose the lonely note
Of self in thy celestial-ordered strain,
Until at last we find
The life to love resigned
In harmony of joy restored again;
And songs that cheered our mortal days
Break on the coast of light in endless hymns of praise.

Henry Van Dyke

I Am. We Are.

We are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Perfect Life!

We are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Pure Love!

We are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Pure Luck!

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