Andantino Cantabile

Hello God!

Thank You for today. My today is in andantino cantabile.

Andantino (music), an Italian tempo marking meaning a tempo that is slightly faster than Andante but slower than Moderato. Andante is a tempo marking meaning a moderate tempo in music. I believe Andante means walking. Cantabile is a direction to play the piece of music in a singing manner. Therefore, Andante Cantabile means to play a piece of music at a moderate tempo with a singing effect.

I am in state of harmony now. I am grateful endlessly for everything I have. My life is carefully orchestrated plan. I love to live this Symphony of Love and Beauty. Thank You!

Today I have met with a very beautiful and wise Kristine Carlson. She says: “It is often our expectations and thoughts about what we think should happen that create our suffering. Life is rarely what we expect it to be. Sometimes, it’s better than we expect. Other times, it just is as it is. The key is to learn how to bounce.

Adopting the attitude that there is no real failure in life except for giving up gets you a bigger bounce. Life may seem uncertain at times, but some day you will connect the dots, like dominos in a row, and see there was a carefully orchestrated plan. The advantage of knowing this is that you can keep the bounce in your step as you move forward with enthusiasm.

All of us fell down when learning to walk. Part of learning includes getting back up on our feet quickly. The same is true for our moods and happiness or anything that might be a stumbling block.” by Kristine Carlson

Thank you, Kristine, for sharing your wisdom with me.

From my side I am sharing a beautiful song which reflects my today’s mood. Andante, andante by ABBA.



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