Sorry, Santa!

Hello God!

Thank You for our ability to keep the sparkle of hope inside when the whole essence is crying.

Just a moment ago I cheerfully congratulated the World with the snowball of happiness and for now… Sorry, Santa, I am sad now. The Christmas Day plane crash is the reason.


Sorry, Santa, I do not understand

Why it was possible in Your Day!

Le Nomade in Antibes, France, reflects

My Soul where the words are useless…

Le Nomade.jpg

Sorry, Santa, I can not accept

This silence instead Christmas Carols.

Perhaps Alexandrov choir are singing its

For you in Sky Lapland with angels.

Sorry, Santa, for our mourning hearts,

We all have limited time to sing.

Let’s hurry! Life waits!

3 thoughts on “Sorry, Santa!

  1. Hugs…I have always loved your posts..because you so simply, elegantly and beautifully start them with..Thank you God. Even if this was a sad post…the light still shines through 🙂

  2. The world hurts us every day. Only by strength and belief in ourselves and a grander scheme do we have a chance of happiness another day. I think the older we get the more pain comes out way. Maybe we nod to it, acknowledge it, and move on. It’s our only chance at sanity.

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