French Vacation

Hello God!
Thank You for this possibility to travel. We are happy to discover a new countries and meet new people.
My dear friends! We are on the way to Bretagne (Brittany), France, where we will spend our vacation.

You see a pattern from my living room decoration. These lighthouses are real and we are going to see every ones. The Law of Attraction works!
I am in Twitter @Glorialana. Due to unstable Internet connection and my iPod my description of our vacation will be there.
I will be happy to see you! Now we are in Brussels. The city is fantastic! Today we are going to visit the Royal Palace.
It will be interesting.
Thank you for you are with me sharing this happy Belgian moment!

12 thoughts on “French Vacation

  1. It most be very exciting! Have a great vacation and enjoy every moment. Tell us all about it. I cannot wait. God bless!

  2. Brussels is a beautiful country. It’s been long that I visited but was saw Ped by the charm :).
    Have fun! France sounds fun…have to visit one day.
    I am going to ask you out of context, but Glorialana can you please guide me to the recipe from Belarus, that you had in mind :). I had Draniki in mind.

    1. Dear Sonal! I am so sorry to reply you only now. I was trying to do it early but my possibilities were restricted due to absence of Internet. I am really sorry, I was thinking about you all that time. Yes, Draniki is the perfect vegetarian dish from Belarus. It is simple and original. Belarusian people eat draniki instead bread. I do not know if an eggs are possible in the contest as in the original receipt but it is ok to replace its by potato’s starch. Please allow me to send you an URL with a good receipt I have found in Internet.

      1. Sure:). Hey no need to say sorry. Don’t think about me when you are on a beautiful vacation.. Just have fun:).
        Send me the link. Eggs are fine. I will still post it under your credit. Just send a small write up about Belarus, Russian Federation and yourself. Rest I will manage:).
        Have a super duper trip. Sorry to have put you in a spot.

      2. Sonal, thank you for your kindness and understanding. It is the third time I am trying to send you a comment in your blog. Its were useless. The mobile app works bad and if I have received your reply I am writing to you here.
        I think this recipe is good described. Dranik is simple. You need 5 big potatoes, 1 onion, salt and pepper by taste, olive oil for frying.
        Soar cream and other different sauce is good for serving. I love a hot dranik to soar in a cool cream. Mmmm it delicious. My grandmother is the Master in Dranik’s Art. I have a happy memory from my childhood when a dranik was the most nyamy-yammy food. Potato is important agriculture in Belarus. “The Second Bread” is named potato.

      3. Can you send some basic intro on Belarus and other Russian federation countries and yourself if you have time. A little bit about culture and the food habits and interesting places to visit.
        No pressure. If not, I will dig from Internet.

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