Beauty of Dream

Hello God!

Thank You for the Future we all are guaranteed by. The Law of Time is strict and strong: the next moment is the future. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,” said Eleanor Roosevelt.

Let’s see what about we had a dream in 1900.

“La Sortie de l’opéra en l’an 2000” (The Exit of the opera in 2000) by French artist Albert Robida shows a futuristic view of air travel over Paris as people leave the Opera. Many types of aircraft are depicted including buses and limousenes, police patrol the skies, and women are seen driving their own aircraft.


The Future
A wanderer is man from his birth.
He was born in a ship
On the breast of the river of Time;
Brimming with wonder and joy
He spreads out his arms to the light,
Rivets his gaze on the banks of the stream.

This postcard was printed by the Reichner Brothers in 1910/1911.

As what he sees is, so have his thoughts been.
Whether he wakes,
Where the snowy mountainous pass,
Echoing the screams of the eagles,
Hems in its gorges the bed
Of the new-born clear-flowing stream;
Whether he first sees light
Where the river in gleaming rings
Sluggishly winds through the plain;
Whether in sound of the swallowing sea—
As is the world on the banks,
So is the mind of the man.

by Matthew Arnold

So is the mind of the man. Believing in the beauty of our dreams allows us to embody in 2000 unimaginable and unfathomable in 1900 things. We are smiling about simplicity and naivety of the pictures but our dream and belief was the core and its cord to discover our Now.

We are responsible for every our next moment. Thank you for sharing with me your precious “now” and building our future together. I am truly grateful.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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