Royal Power

Hello God!

Thank You for our perfect antenna to receive and send a signals to the Universe. Once by the signal I had recognized my personal place of power. I am lucky to send my signal to you to empower your life and thoughts now. So we are here. We are in Linderhof, Bavaria.

This magic place is one of three castles of the King Ludvig II. We have met him in his Neuschwanstein castle already. Today we are sharing pulsating fibers of Power of this place in the moment of “now” in whole its essence. We have to be frozen for a while to feel the sharpness of our Personal Power.

The Great German philosopher Goethe says that architecture is frozen music. What’s a magic sounds we are listening now!


Renaissance architect Leon Battista Alberti said that the same characteristics that please the eye also please the ear.

Musical terms such as rhythm, texture, harmony, proportion, dynamics, and articulation refer both to architecture and to music.


Rhythm in music is patterns of sounds in relation to a beat; repetition of elements – openings, shapes, structural bays- establish regular or irregular rhythm in architecture.

Musical texture refers to layers of sounds and rhythms produced by different instruments. Architectural texture appears in different materials.


Harmony is balance of sound or composition and balance of parts together. Proportion is relationship between parts; in music it is distance between notes or intervals.

Dynamics is the quality of action in music or in a building’s facade or mass.


The French Sun-King Louis XIV was an idol for Ludwig. Linderhof was built by inspiration of Versailles.

The symbol of the sun can be found everywhere. Sun is golden. We all are the Kings and Queens of own monarchy. For Ludwig French notion of absolutism was the perfect incorporation of his ideal of a God-given monarchy with total royal power.


Our Total Royal Power, as music and architecture, demands rhythm, texture, harmony, proportion, dynamics, and articulation. Our heart’s beating is rhythm. Full accepting of life in its diversity is texture. Feeling beauty around by every cells is harmony. Keeping the balance is proportion. Moving toward dream is dynamics. Manifesting our unique ways is articulation.

Yes, I am feeling my Total Royal Power.


I was so frozen with you for a moment later that I have forgotten about my coffee. Now it is cold, and it does not matter. I am empowered now without usual dose of caffeine, because of you.


Thank You for your Power to change me and the Universe and make us better and better every moment of our heart’s beating.

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