New Journey

Hello God!

Thank You for our happy today. Today is a beautiful Sunday. My husband and daughter are in the swimming pool now. They have a really wonderful time together. I am sitting in cafe with ice cream and good tea. I enjoy the moment. Love and smile live here.

A new book is a new journey. I am trying to begin reading “Small Gods” by Terry Pratchett. The first pages of a new book are difficult to read because of new lexicon and definitions. My brain meets this challenge with pleasure. I am happy for my brain. I am proud of it. According to the program “New book in a month” I will finish the book by 1st of May. I wish myself a successful completion of the task. I know it will an enjoyable journey.

Every journey needs navigation. Navigation is a field of study that focuses on the process of monitoring and controlling the movement of a craft or vehicle from one place to another. Navigation, in a broader sense, can refer to any skill or study that involves the determination of position and direction.

Navigating life is an art. What kind of artist you are becomes evident in uncertain times when all you have to fall back on is your craft and skill in artful living. Know and respect your weaknesses as well as your strengths. Take good care of yourself, because, when things are moving fast, you are the only one who can. And take advantage of the quiet times to continue growing yourself.
– Alan Seale

At this very time I am trying to take advantage of the quit times to continue growing myself. As for me it seems a struggle to continue growing and enhancing the experience, when I feel myself blind in the way of self actualization and changing the country we are living in now. Sigmund Freud encourages me telling that one day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike me as the most beautiful. So I live in the most beautiful time now. Thank You!

newjourneyWe are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Perfect Life!

We are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Pure Love!

We are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Pure Luck!

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