Twinkle Star

Hello God!

Thank You for creating us every moment. We were born under happy stars.

Thank You for my childhood. Today’s my mother’s birthday. I congratulate her and thank her for this possibility to live she provided for me. My heart is full of forgiveness and love. I can not blame her for anything. Her way is her way and she is suffered more than I can imagine. I forgive myself for miserable thoughts. And by the blink of my eye I am free from every traumas I was suffered by. I repeat the words of forgiveness again and again. I burn pain in fire of my orgasmic state. I am free my way is clear and happy.

I am my own child and I provide myself a new happy childhood. Because of my daughter I have a new happy childhood. We are singing together, “Twinkle, twinkle little star”. I have never been so happy for entire my life as in the moment we are singing together. Thank you, little twinkle star for enlightening our way.

It is interesting to know why stars twinkle. The scientific name for the twinkling of stars is stellar scintillation (or astronomical scintillation). Stars twinkle when we see them from the Earth’s surface because we are viewing them through thick layers of turbulent (moving) air in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Stars (except for the Sun) appear as tiny dots in the sky; as their light travels through the many layers of the Earth’s atmosphere, the light of the star is bent (refracted) many times and in random directions (light is bent when it hits a change in density – like a pocket of cold air or hot air). This random refraction results in the star winking out (it looks as though the star moves a bit, and our eye interprets this as twinkling).

Stars closer to the horizon appear to twinkle more than stars that are overhead – this is because the light of stars near the horizon has to travel through more air than the light of stars overhead and so is subject to more refraction. Also, planets do not usually twinkle, because they are so close to us; they appear big enough that the twinkling is not noticeable (except when the air is extremely turbulent). Stars would not appear to twinkle if we viewed them from outer space (or from a planet/moon that didn’t have an atmosphere).

Freedom is like the soul. Without it we are nothing. Lived in its presence, life becomes transformed. . . . Our first obligation in this world is to discover the circumstances in which our souls flourish. This is the truest and deepest meaning of freedom – living under the conditions the make us most truly ourselves.– George Kinder

My soul flourishes when I treat myself and my family as the most precious creations in whole Universe. Thank You!

We are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Perfect Life!

We are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Pure Love!

We are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Pure Luck!

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