Finding Spring

Helo God!

Thank You for Your Inspiration to create our Universe. Thank You for perfect timing of seasons. Every flower and bird exactly knows when to bloom and sing. Thank You for today.

Today is important and beautiful day. I have met Dennis Merritt and in the following article he is expressing  my feelings about Spring in ingenious way. I wish I could write in English as Dennis. I will grow and learn and some day I am sure I will express my talent and find a way to complete my purpose. On my way of finding Spring I am happy to breath and share with whole world my happiness to live. The article is inspirational and … nothing to add. Read and follow the thought.

“By simple observation it is clear to see that everything in nature has its own rhythm — its own way of trusting the vital life force that sustains it. The energy of life moves like a river going wherever gravity beckons its flow — we can no sooner push the flow of life than we can push the river. It appears that every living thing grows in its own time without any effort — by just opening to the flow and being what it was created to be. The lesson here is that when we are established in an awareness of our oneness with life we enter a sacred vortex of “spiritual gravity” that draws to us that which is required to serve our wholeness — it flows freely to us and through us in purposeful ways, accompanied by a deep knowing that we are sustained with effortless grace and ease. The universe conspires for the good of all living things when they are open to its innate wisdom and the natural pulsations of its gentle, expansive, and eternal gift of life. Why? Because all living things matter; the practice is to remember is that this also includes us.

If we pay attention, one of the greatest lessons the four seasons of the year offer us is the wisdom of patience — the subtle energy of life that knows only perfect timing; patience is the invisible link between each season that effortlessly unifies them, seamlessly, one to the other.

The blessing of this season is that it announces the coming of light; as we emerge from the darkness of winter, we naturally enter the light of spring — and with light comes the ability to see what lies before us differently, through new eyes. That is what the season of renewal does; it casts new light on what was, what is, and more important, what can be. Patience, laced with faith, seems to be the practice when it comes to growing anything worthwhile, including a renewed version of ourselves. As you enter the season of spring, may you make a point of remembering that you are one with something infinitely greater than yourself and it knows what it is doing. Certainly if it knows how and when to unfold the beauty and grace that it is through a rose, It knows how and when to unfold the beauty of a life worth living through and by means of you; yours is to faithfully align with it and step into the new light it brings, trusting and knowing that you are the place where transformation is happening.” by Dennis Merritt

Winter of the past is gone. Flowers and fruits trees are blooming in my heart. I find Spring in my heart and brain today. Thank You for miracle.

cherryblossomWe are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Perfect Life!

We are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Pure Love!

We are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Pure Luck!

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