Trusting in Your Navigator

Hello God!

Thank You for creating us. I know for sure You had no doubts to create me. I know I am gifted and talented. I am Your Masterpiece created by Your Highest  Inspiration. I have something big and beautiful to suggest to our planet. But I came back again and again to the question for what I am created?

“Everything – a horse, a vine – is created for some duty…For what task, then, were you yourself created? A man’s true delight is to do the things he was made for.” ~ Marcus Aurelius from Meditations

How to discover this true delight of doing the things for which I was made? I have an experience to be delightful because of my job. But now I feel myself lost. It seems I am in a mess and blindness now. I do not know where my path is.

“A path is only a path, and there is no affront, to oneself or to others, in dropping it if that is what your heart tells you . . . Look at every path closely and deliberately. Try it as many times as you think necessary. Then ask yourself alone, one question . . . Does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good; if it doesn’t it is of no use.”  Carlos Castaneda as always helps me to find an answer.

My path has a heart when I act and believe. To act means an active happiness every second. I am happy when I am writing here. I am happy to read a good book inspiring me to share interesting ideas with people. I am happy to play the piano and listening a nice sound of harmony. I love my family. Every Your creations have a perfect specifications. So we are in our space ship with Your navigation system. I am fully trusting in the program. We are on the right way. Perhaps tomorrow quantum gap is waiting for us. Tomorrow is always a miracle and surprise. I believe. For now my only available transportation is a leap of faith.

As the Buddha says, “Our work is to discover our work, and then, with all our hearts, to give ourselves to it!” Golden words which are worth  to live today. Thank You for today.



We are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Perfect Life!

We are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Pure love!

We are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Pure Luck!

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