Embodiment of Dream

Hello God!

Thank You very much for creating us. We are Your Best Creations. We are Your Masterpieces. We live in miraculous world. To live is Miracle. Thank You foe every cells of my body and every vibes of my energy. I feel I live in Your Energy Field. Your Energy and Inspiration are mine and vice versa. It is dizzying to understand the fact I am You. I am Your Embodiment.

Every dream has an embodiment in material world. As for me it is a very expensive ring from Cartier I’m going to buy for my money in New York or Paris or Singapore. It does matter where I will buy it. It does matter how much it costs. This ring is embodiment of my dream to be self actualized. Self actualized person means wealthy and happy. I know a story is going to be fascinating. It is a story of my miraculous and happy life.

I have a vision of results of my development. “We talk a lot about goals and not enough about vision. Vision is the big-picture view. Vision provides a sense of direction. Inside the vision is a potential waiting to emerge. Goals are the steps that help that potential unfold.

There is a saying, “The whole is created by the sum of the parts.” It comes out of a transactional paradigm that says if we take the right steps, we’ll achieve our desired result. The focus is on the parts, assuming that if we take care of all of the parts, the result we want will happen.

However, in a transformational paradigm, we turn that statement around: “The parts are created by the whole.” Then a goal is not something you set, but rather a step that the “whole” shows you.

When we focus on setting goals before we get clear about a bigger vision, the goals can end up feeling disconnected from the essence of who we are. If the goal is not informed and inspired by who we are at our essence and the vision that is guiding us, it’s going to be hard to stick with it.

However, when we start with the vision and its underlying potential that is waiting to unfold, there is a more powerful life force supporting our efforts. When we tap into that big energy and let it show us the goals that can lead to its manifestation, then each goal is infused with that greater potential. And that’s a big energy to ride!” by Alan Seale

Cartier platinum diamond ring £425,000. Price of this ring is US $637,925.00. One day I will have the same. I know it for sure.

TheRingWe are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Perfect Life!

We are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Pure Love!

We are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Pure Luck!


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