Good Bye, Beautiful February’13!

Hello God!

Thank You very much for our lives. Thank You for this possibility to feel You Great Job by every cells and atoms. I am mesmerized by perfect system of time’s order. I am grateful for my past, now and future. Thank You for this wonderful and miraculous February’13.

I am saying “Good Bye!” to February 2013. “You are awesome. You are productive and happy. I am happy in You, dear February’13. And I am a little sad, because I know You will never return. You will never repeat. I am endlessly grateful for your being in my life. Thank You!”

Yes, February’13 is a productive month. I can congratulate myself with completion of two important commitments: I am writing here every day and I am reading a book in English, one in a month. I swim twice a week regularly. It is a great achievement. Bravo, Glorialana!

My attention in March’13 goes to preparing the piano concert and detoxing my mind and body. So I continue  writing a post, reading English, swimming, and add preparing the piano concert and detoxing my mind and body every day. Daily rituals are here. I have a good theoretical fundament. I know how discipline turns to blissipline and how important to realize my Masterpieceness. I am Power. I have ultimate Power form the day I was born.

“Authentic power is not something you wield over others. Authentic power is the force of a greater potential moving through you 
in service of something bigger than you. It’s a move from “power over” to “power with” – a co-created sense of power that comes from empowering others to step into their greatness so that together we might create something new.

Yet there is still another level available – the “power of riding the wave.”

Beyond “power over” and “power with” is a wave of energy created by the greater potential waiting to emerge. This wave of potential is a much greater power than any of us can muster on our own or even call forth as shared power from within the group. When we tap into this wave of potential and ask, “What wants to happen?” in a project, goal, or circumstance, we step beyond our personal stake into something much larger than ourselves – a huge wave of energy that is pure potential wanting to manifest. And it is in that moment that the project or goal truly takes off toward serving the greatest good.

Tap into this wave of potential, feel it, listen to it, and sense its energy. The wave itself will teach you how to ride it. It’s an intuitive process that demands surrender to something greater than you. Acknowledge this potential as the true source of power for your project. Become a steward for that potential. Partner with it. Ride the wave and follow the energy.” by Alan Seale.

We are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Perfect Life!

We are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Pure Love!

We are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Pure Luck!





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