Sweet-empty-ness of Dream

Hello God!
Thank You very much for this possibility to breath. It is miracle to have an ability to breath. If you have this ability you live. I have, I live. Thank You for miracle of life.

Today is wonderful day. I made a good acquaintance with a good man. He is father of Denis’s girl friend. I know better who is my brother Denis. Yes, I have a sister and a brother. I have never written about him here. Denis is a good guy but he has a problem about his fantasy. He is little wounded boy. I will help him to be different. The problem is in his chronicle lie. Life is wise and big. Who knows perhaps he will bring his fantasies in a good life changing book.

The situation have opened my own old wounds. The most painful is betrayal of my kid’s promises. I promised to myself to be the best and successful woman in Europe. I promised to myself to wear the best clothing and shoes and to live in beautiful 5 beds apartment in a good country from the top 5 the happiest countries. What do I have now? Where are my fantasies and promises? Is my way right now?

I was going to write about sweetness of dreams. Instead, it seems I am writing about poison of dreams. I remember about unimaginable diversity of life I allow this very moment  to be sad. It is all about emptiness.

“In the last chapter we spoke about the hidden potential in all things—what the Buddhists have always called ‘emptiness.’ We saw, clearly, that nothing that ever happens to us is a good thing or a bad thing from its own side, because—if it were—then everyone else would experience it that way as well. For example, our irritating person at work would strike everyone else in exactly the same way, if his or her ‘irritatingness’ were something inside that was flowing out of that individual and flying across the room to us. In reality though there is almost always someone who finds the person good and lovable.” ~ Geshe Michael Roach

“This is one of the key ideas of the book: NOTHING has meaning outside of that which we give it. Nothing has any *absolute* meaning because, if it did, then EVERYONE would experience it EXACTLY the same, ALL THE TIME. Everything, as the Buddhists say, is “empty” of meaning.” Brian Johnston

Again and again:

We are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Perfect Life!

We are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Pure Love!

We are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Pure Luck!

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