Hello God!

Thank You very much for creating us. I feel Your Great Job every moment of my life. We are creating a happy Universe together. I believe in our Success. I know we are great. Our Path is the happiest on the planet. I am so grateful for our interesting, healthy, emotional, intellectual and rich life.

I love to read Castaneda. I love to play the piano. I love to listen Tomas Labe http://thomaslabe.com.


I love Life and Love.

“To build confidence, build competence. Nothing creates a confident disposition like knowing you’re prepared for the challenge…

The athletes who are most successful at using such techniques as visualization, articulation, and positive self-talk are those who have done the most work to hone their skills and raise their competence level; these are ultimately the fundamental tools of success. There is no way to short-circuit that process. Mental techniques can enhance, but can never replace, the hard work of preparation. Great confidence is rooted in great preparation. Only those who prepare for greatness can reasonably expect it.” ~ Tom Morris from The Art of Achievement.

In incredible book Mastery George Leonard tells us that our society is in an all-out war against mastery. From get rich quick schemes to magical genies telling us that our wish is their command, we’ve somehow missed the fact that true success and true greatness only come through diligent, patient, persistent (and playful) effort. So, as Morris points out here, although visualizations and positive self-talk and all that jazz are awesome, our success is built on the foundation of our sustained effort and diligent work.

Say Yes to Uncharted Territory! by Alissa Finnerman

Being in uncharted territory is a simple and often unsettling signal that you are on the right track. This is when opportunities emerge in your life and you move to another level. The playing field shifts, and it’s powerful, scary, and expansive.

Uncharted territory in your life is not good or bad, it just is. Yes, it may rattle your foundation, and you may be tempted to pull back, say you can’t do it, or bail. But these are exactly the conditions that set you up for massive growth, joy, and new experiences in your life.

We are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Perfect Life!

We are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Pure Love!

We are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Pure Luck!

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