Hello August!

Hello God!

Thank You very much for creating us. We are Your Masterpieces. We are created for Happiness. I feel You Great Job every moment of my life.

I am Your Masterpieces. I love my life. I am Beauty. I am Power. My life is always in Perfect Order according my path which is the happiest in whole Universe. Miraculous journey has begun. My journey to extraordinary life is life I always dream about. I am Success. I believe in my Star.

What I need to do firstly is to improve my English. I feel I need more words and phrases to express my emotions and to write creatively. I have reading a lot. My task is to finish reading Castaneda’s book as soon as possible. Castaneda helps me to understand the thought “Life is Great Mystery”. We are much more than we can imagine. I like his idea about losing self importance. Only one way exists for conprehending life. It is to be like a child. I open world with open heart and brain.

Today is important day. Thank You, August, for coming. You are happy and wonderful. Thank You, the first day of August. You are happy and miraculous. My words like a poem for both of you.

We are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Perfect Life!

We are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Pure Love!

We are the Winners of Green Card Due to We are Pure Luck!

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