44 days to 38

Hello God!
Today is Monday and 44 days to my 38. What is my strategy?
We are not the winners of green card this year. We will be selected for the next year. We will live in good condition in good country. I know what it means. We have been in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany. The quality of physical life is high there. The quality of intellectual and emotional life is not comparable with my country. So my aim is to remove my family to better quality of living.
Each day is the brilliant. We are rich. Money is important thing and I want financial freedom. For good salary high self esteem, perfect English and flexible brain are necessary. So I have main streams to develop my person. I would like to add attractive young beautiful appearance.
For 44 days I have the program. My aim:
To get driving license;
To weight 65 kg;
To publish 44 posts;
Study Philosoper’s Zone twice a day;
listen and Philosophers notes each morning;
Fitness and good food;
Positive thoughts in the affirmations book each day;
Loving and attentive relation to my family;
To finish reading the book – adding good thoughts from it to my blog.
I will create the check list and each day are going to be a very interesting.
Have a nice day, my darling :-).

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