Universe’s Answer

Hello God!

“Based on the information provided, the Entry HAS NOT BEEN SELECTED for further processing for the 2012 Electronic Diversity Visa program.” said site where I have checked my DVlottery result. Dear God, I believe You absolutely. I know that You know the best way for us. Our Path is the happiest in whole Universe. We are walking on it hand in hand joyfully. Next year we will win. Second chance is always happier for me. You remember you won grant for studying in Moscow from second chance when you were ready.

OK, I am on the zero point now. By the way I am writing the 70th post! I love my blog. I have a lot now. I live in Love and Health. I want to live in Luxury. Well Luxury is added. I have to create new motto about I am Goddess, I am Perfection, We live in Love, Health and Luxury.

Luxury is definition to describe rich life, possibility to choose everything you want to take – beautiful home, clothing, jewelry, traveling, education.

Perfect Life, Pure love, Pure Luck are milestones. I will create a new motto tomorrow. Have a nice vacation!

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