The 1st day was not Strike

I do not declare the 10 pins-rules and therefore my first day was not a productive. I try to establish the measurable 10 rules-pins. Measurable means “action is done or not”.

1. Wake up at 07.30 – 08.00

2. Listen to Philosopher’s Zone podcast

3. Read New York Times article with dictionary

4. Bring dishes to dishwasher

5. Fix my food in loseit app diary

6. Blogging

7. Smile by my whole body

8. My exercises

9. Meditation: We are Winners of Green Card, Due to We are Pure Luck!

10. Unconditional love to Margo and Victor

Mmmm it is rather difficult to install 10 rules for myself. I do my best to archive the day-strike. Day-Strike is happy day full of positive thoughts, emotions, English words, healthy food and dreams about new motherland New York.

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