Choice is made!

I do not follow by my own promises. My sin today is chocolate biscuits. Really a lot. I can say it is does not mean anything and other self defense sentences. But truth is obvious. I am loser today.

To win Green Card is a pure luck. It do not depends from anything. If my destiny is to live in USA, I will live there.

What can I change in my destiny? I can be successful person. I can be loser. I can be strong. I can be weak. OK, the first I can choose where the way I am going on. To be successful is challenging and fan. To be loser is sitting around and doing nothing. At today’s stage of my destiny’s development I am on the second side. I am sitting around and doing nothing. Am I happy?

I am happy when I feel my place in the world. I want to realize my talents and thoughts. I want to create the business of my life. I choose active and good life.

I have to remove my family to New York. I won DVLottery 2012!

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