100 days

Today is 100 days to the 1st of May. I thought, I planed changing my style of life. I want to correct my nutrition. I want to think about myself positively. I want to overcome my negative useless habits.

About nutrition – I dream about raw nutrition style. I would like to nourish my body rainbow’s  food. I am failed today by my own starvation. It is huge. It is tempting. I could brush my teeth, I could listen Mozart, but I did not do it. Instead I had a fat waffles and chicken soup. I hope tomorrow will be different.

Thinking positively about myself is the task I am working on. I visit my reflexologist for acupuncture session and try to relax and work with my fears and pains. It is very good. I imagine the antenna of  Chrysler tower. I am the antenna of Chrysler tower and I communicate with Universe. I see on the sky in star’s mosaic  “We are the winners of DVLottery 2012!”. I hear the Universe’s reply, “You are the winners of DVLottery 2012!” I am happy in this moments.

The next exercise is diary of affirmation. Every night I write the affirmations.

Be continued.

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