Detox is failed. New Game is on!

It is funny thing my detox, to say exactly the program “detox” is ended at the first minute of installing it. The reason is simple. This program was not valid for me. I have to play with myself. Severe conditions are not for me. OK, lets play in “new expirience” game. Code name is GEN Game in New Experience.

The rules are simple. I know what “to eat a lot of sweets” means. New experience is what “to eat only fruits and vegetables”. I know what “to sleep till 10.30” means. New experience is what “to get up at 7.30”.

According to the new roles I will get up up 7.30 with alarm clock. My morning tasks: listening Philosopher’s Zone, and I have prepared the nice film “Scott Pilgrim vs the World”. It can be nice motivator to get up.

Will see tomorrow!

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