The Way to Dream

Oh! Hi! Welcome back! How are you? I hope you were O.K. No news for a long time from you. What’s happened?

Nothing happened. I am just I am. I have new title. It deals with loosing actuality of my new life. My life is simply my life. It can not be new or old. Millions of lives are similar to mine. Similar aims, similar thoughts are good news for me. I can find similar scheme how to achieve what I want.

Millions of dreams are coming true every second. My dreams are possible too. Not just possible, they are committed  being real by Universal laws. I know this, I am sure it is true.

What is Dream? It is something you want passionately. Have I got Dream? Am I able to wish something with whole passion of my heart? Yes, I am. I even have a positive experience how the Dream turns to reality.




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