Coronation Cake

I love the Coronation Cake! It is Masterpiece of baking art! The Cake is as Perfect as Coronation Dress in 1953 I have written about in the previous post. Thank You!

The UK’s leading manufacturer of baking ingredients, Renshaw, has worked in collaboration with the team behind the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding cake to create a bespoke Coronation cake in celebration of the 60th anniversary of The Queen’s Coronation.

As a Royal Warrant Holder for its almond products, Renshaw is one of over 200 companies taking part in the Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace this July.

Created in partnership with Fiona Cairns Ltd, the four tier Coronation Cake will go on display at the grounds of Buckingham Palace during the three day celebration event taking place 11th – 14th July.

The cake features the flowers of the four nations; English rose, Scottish thistle, Welsh daffodil and the Irish shamrock. The crowning glory is a replica of the Sovereign’s Orb, which The Queen held at her Coronation in 1953 to represent the Monarch’s role as Defender of…

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Prince Ice Cream

Hello God!

Thank You for Your Inspiration to invent and create an ice cream which is the life saver in hot weather. I am a troubadour today and my ballad is devoted to the Prince Ice Cream. Oh, Tram-param-ram-ram:

The loving child of King Ice

And Queen Milk

The Price Ice Cream is

Charming Dream.


He is blessed by Sugar and Vanilla.

Banana, Strawberries and Cherry

Always smile with Him in pleasure.


Romantic Flavor tickles

All hearts in happy dance of

Strings in Rainbow’s Harp.


He is young as April’s wind

Blowing and dispensing

Happiness around.



Thank you for this pleasure to share with you a cone of delicious ice creme in our happy summer today!

Chocolate Symphony

Hello God!

Thank You for my sophisticated tongue which is able to feel chocolate symphony by my whole existence. When I think about chocolate I can create a joyful poem devoted to your smile.

Pleasure lives

Where Sugar is loved.

Chocolate orchestra plays

When soul is full…

I am a conductor of

This Symphony.

It seems we are going to spend our weekend in the legendary city of pleasure. Vienna as unthinkable without music as unimaginable without its famous desserts.


Franz Landtmann opened Vienna’s most elegant Café in 1873.


Landtmann Cafe is known for many meetings of leading industrialists and politicians in Austria, and the preferred coffee house of, such as Sigmund Freud, Gustav Mahler, Peter Altenberg, Felix Salten, Emmerich Kálmán.


It is wonderful experience to listen and try conducting the symphony of desserts in Landtmann Cafe. I recommend.

And now, Ta Dam! Ta Dam! we are close to the culmination of Chocolate symphony: Zaher cake!


Sachertorte or Zaher (photo) cake is a specific type of chocolate cake, or torte, invented by Austrian Franz Sacher in 1832 for Prince Wenzel von Metternich in Vienna. The Prince have declared, “Let there be no shame on me tonight!” The torte created by Sacher have delighted Metternich’s guests, and the dessert received further attention.

I am reading the recipe as music scores for orchestra. Oh, I see the theme: chocolate, than crescendo Chocolate, than fortissimo CHOCOlate! I love that: “a layered chocolate cake filled with apricot jam is coated in Chocolate ganache and finished with a CHOCOlate glaze.”

Applauses and ovations to the orchestra and conductor are from grateful audience. Thank You for coming in my concert hall. I am grateful and happy to see you.